Monday, September 2, 2013

Transferred :(

So despite all of my prayers (or maybe because of all of them haha) I was transferred!! I cried a ton when we got the call last night. I hadn´t packed or anything because I thought for sure I would stay at least one more transfer. I had high hopes that I would stay at least one more. Today at the transfer meeting anytime somebody who had passed through Guará I asked how such and such person was doing I started crying again haha. Yeah, I was kind of a cry baby today. It´s hard to explain how much I love Guará I. It was a place that felt so familiar to me; it was like coming home to a place even though I had never been there before. We have a baptism this coming Sunday and a baptism the Sunday after that. I am sad I won´t be there to see the baptisms, but I am even more sad because I won´t be there to continue to see the people grow and make changes. I know Heavenly Father has a perfect plan. I am trying to remind myself of that. It´s crazy how quickly I came to love everybody there. It was only 6 weeks but it might as well have been 6 years.

I am now in Taguatinga I with Sister Bezerra. It´s funny because she totally called it that Sister P Gonçalves and I would be companions last transfer and she came up to me today and said, "What´s up, new companion" haha. She called it again! I have discovered my mission within the mission: open new areas for sisters. Last transfer Sister Gonçalves and I opened the area for sisters and this transfer I will be doing the same thing with Sister Bezerra. We will be the only ward in the mission that will have a set of elders and a set of sisters. 

I am nostalgic already for Guará I! I learned a lot in Guará, but Guará I was a different experience for me. I know I have a purpose here in Taguatinga I, I just have to discover what it is. This transfer is an important one for me. In less than 3 weeks I will be halfway done with the mission. Three weeks after that it will be my birthday. And in between those two dates I will watch General Conference! I am trying to be optimistic and remember that the mission isn´t about me. Funny how life works out, though. The one time I truly wanted to stay in an area I was transferred. I am now with my 5th companion here in Brasil, 7th overall including the MTC and the transfer in California. 

Hope everybody is having a great week!! I know I am forgetting to write about a ton of things but maybe I will remember during the week. Love you and miss you!

Sister Kerr

Oh yeah, here´s a picture from today. My bag was starting to rip when I was rolling it so I decided to carry it instead. Be impressed! That´s like 50 lbs haha. The sun was scorching and the walk was SUPER long, but I managed haha.

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