Monday, September 16, 2013

Mission Tour this week

Querida família,

Taguatinga has been a bit of a challenging area for me, but things are going well. I have some funny stories and pictures to share :)

Yesterday as I was walking into sacrament, the second counselor asked me if I could play piano. I said no because I don´t play well at all and it would be better to sing acapela haha. He accepted my answer. Two minutes later our ward mission leader, Andreson, came up to me and said, "Sister Kerr, you have to play today." I tried to explain that I seriously can´t play but he didn´t accept my answer. Needless to say it was horrible! haha. I have never been so nervous in my whole life. My biggest question of the day was "In a ward this size how is it possible that nobody plays piano?" They have 3 pianists and none of them were there....just my luck, right? Yeah, I am pretty sure they won´t be asking me to fill in again haha. 

Last week I had the opportunity to make clothing for dolls that are going to be donated. How is it possible that every baby doll ends up without clothing? I don´t understand. But at least I got to use my non-existent sewing skills and fashion some pretty fancy clothing for Barbies and baby dolls. I think this week the Lord wanted me to view my weaknesses haha.

Friday was an awesome day because I got 8 cards! :) It only took them about a month to get to me, but that´s ok. Better late than never. Thank you to everybody for sending cards. It seriously brightens my day! Saturday we had lunch at a house in Vicente Pires that had the coolest backyard ever. It was more of a jungle than a backyard. They had trees of every kind: mango, pinha, graviola, banana, goiaba, and some others that I don´t remember the names. I also held a chicken. Elder Pedroso showed us how to put it to sleep, it was awesome. 

This week we will have Elder Asconavieta from the Seventy coming to visit and do a mission tour. I am trying to keep a positive attitude with everything, but this transfer is really hard because I was so in love with Guará I. I still don´t understand why I only stayed there one transfer. Tainá was baptized last week and Maria Eloisa will be baptized next Sunday. 

Anyway, hope everybody is doing well! I will be home in 9 months :) Start the countdown! haha. 


Sister Kerr

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