Monday, September 9, 2013

Super Different

Olá família!

So our first week in Taguatinga was pretty good. Our area is HUGE!! I think I got used to being in a small, residencial area but Taguatinga is super commercial. To walk from one point of our area to the other would take an hour to an hour and a half. We definitely have to be strategic in our planning because we don´t have time to visit people who live in different blocks that are spread out. 

This zone is way different as well because we are the only set of sisters in the zone! Our last zone had 4 sets of sisters. It´s weird on Tuesdays when we have zone meetings because it´s a bunch of elders and then us haha. One of the elders in the zone is from Irvine...what a small world, huh? 

The bishop´s wife told us it has been 4 years since this ward last had sisters. Apparently the last sisters that were here didn´t leave too great of an impression so we have that to deal with. I have to admit before the mission I wasn´t too fond of sister missionaries either. Here in the mission I hope people like sisters but I am realistic and know that some people prefer elders haha. So far the ward has been really excited to have us and very welcoming. 

Our apartment is a 5 minute walk from the chapel which is nice. Here is a picture of us before our first Sunday in the ward :) 
Hope everybody is doing well!!! Love you
Sister Kerr

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