Monday, September 23, 2013

9 Months! :)

Dearest family & friends,

This past week I completed 9 months in the mission. Woo hoo!! Sister Bezerra and I took some funny pics but this computer won´t let me send them so I will have to wait until next week. I can´t believe the mission is halfway over. Not gonna lie, the first 6 months seemed a lot longer than 6 months but these past three have flown by! Weird to think in less than 9 months I will be back home and return to being Tarah instead of Sister Kerr. Whoa, writing my name was super weird haha.

In other news, I gave a talk yesterday in sacrament meeting. This ward definitely likes to give the missionaries things to do. The bishop´s wife got up yesterday to announce instead of having a hymn in-between the talks they want to have special musical numbers. She then announced the missionaries would be singing the special musical number next week haha. We had no idea. 

This past Friday we had Elder Asconavieta and his wife in the mission. We had a mission conference on Friday morning and I was super excited to see Sister P. Gonçalves and Sister Munger. Hearing about everybody from Guará I made me happy and put me at peace. Sister Gonçalves said, "Most of the people don´t remember your name, they just know that they love you and hate me for sending you away" haha. 

Last week I guess I was really tired because Sister Bezerra said I was talking in my sleep one night. My first question was if I was speaking English or Portuguese; she said Portuguese. As you can imagine that made me super happy! Guess I can finally consider myself fluent :) 

Spring started for us yesterday which means the rainy season is coming. For now it is really stuffy and hot but I am trying to enjoy it because once the rain comes I have heard it doesn´t stop until like February.

I think that´s all the news I have for now. Of course I am forgetting things, like always, but just know I am happy. I decided last week since I can´t change my circumstances I just have to change my view of things. It helped me a lot. 

Hope you are all happy and healthy!! 

Sister Kerr
Our zone

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