Monday, February 25, 2013

The real world is tough!

Hi all!

So this email is coming right after a woman at the library came up to us, asked what organization we're with and then told us we're a bunch of idiots and we're stupid. Nice. She then commenced to ask us if we're gay and that's why we always have to be with somebody (aka our companion). Boy, do I miss the MTC.
Other than that, life is going well. I meant to email out some stuff last week but didn't have time. Some random facts from the MTC...last week there were 973 departing missionaries. 200 were going to California! How crazy is that? The CA San Fernando mission got 29 new missionaries, 13 of us are visa waiters. Only three of us for Brazil, the rest are for Mexico and Peru. There are so many Spanish speaking people here which I thought I would love because it means I can practice my Spanish. Turns out I don't know Spanish anymore. I tried talking with this woman and all that came out was this Spanish-Portuguese hybrid that was more Portuguese and less Spanish. She understood most of it, but it was ugly haha. The good news is I can still understand Spanish! I just can't respond that well. I need to get to Brazil and start speaking some Portuguese!!

Living in NoHo (North Hollywood) has been good. The members of the ward are really nice. The ward is super small! The Spanish ward that meets right after us has 8 missionaries (4 companionships), ours only has Sister Ngalu and I because that's all we need. We might be moving apartments next week because ours has been having some issues. The issue being cockroaches, and lots of them. Not gonna lie, it's disgusting. But I guess it's good practice for Brazil. Yesterday I sat down to study and saw a huge one crawling on my desk. Then I went to open a drawer an hour later and saw two big ones in my drawer. I hate bugs and these are gross. The mission president takes good care of us and has been looking for a new apartment.
I can see how easy it is to get fat on a mission!! Sister Ngalu has gained 55 lbs since coming on her mission. I'm hoping I max out at gaining 10 or so. Seriously. Her family sends her workout DVDs when she sends pictures home haha. How sad. The members are good about feeding us. If you normally don't sign up to feed the missionaries...stop doing that! Don't let the calendar pass you by. It is seriously so great when we are able to go interact with people and eat good food. Even if it's not good food, the company is much appreciated. It makes the BIGGEST difference.

Anyway, that's all for now. I've met a lot of nice people in NoHo. Even though I'm only 40 miles from home I might as well be on the other side of the country. It's like a new world up here.
Love you all!

Sister Kerr

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