Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happy February


So this week we have some elders leaving for the field, but their visas still have not come in. A group of 6 of them are reassigned to Des Moines, Iowa; one to Houston, Texas; and one to Seattle, Washington. One of the sisters in our branch, Sister Burt, got her visa on Friday so she left this morning for the Brazil MTC. She was here less than 3 weeks! Still no visa news for us. If we don't get them by next Tuesday we'll find out our reassignments late Wednesday night or Thursday.

This week is going to be busy busy busy! Sister Ryan and I were recommended by our teacher, Irmao Williams, to do a teaching demonstration for all of the new incoming missionaries this Wednesday night so we will have training that morning and then the actual demonstration that night. Our district was also selected to be hosts this Wednesday which means we have training that morning and then will spend a few hours in the afternoon waiting on the freezing cold curb to welcome new missionaries, help them with their bags, take them to their residence, classroom, etc. And if Wednesday doesn't seem busy enough I also have to do an orientation with the new district we'll be getting that night for our branch. We have 11 incoming missionaries - 6 elders and 5 sisters. With the addition of these 5 sisters our branch will have 16 sisters which is the most it's ever had. An average size branch at the MTC has 40-50 people, ours has 90! And just to help you realize how many people are at the MTC, they made the 62nd branch this past Sunday.
Despite the busy schedule (and the long, long lines!) I still love the MTC. Our elders had me laughing so hard this week I was in tears. Is it weird I'm like best friends with a bunch of 19 year olds? Maybe haha. Only 14 more days here...sad/exciting. It will be so weird to be in the "real world" once again. We are definitely sheltered here.

The weather on Sunday was so amazing! It was the first time I've felt the sunshine on my face in a while.
Sisters Ryan, Hunt, Wolfley and I were lucky this week because we didn't get an extra bunk bed added in our room. With all of the new sister missionaries coming in they are putting 6 girls in each room. Our room is smaller than all the others because it was never intended to be a bedroom. It used to be a lounge but they converted it a few months ago anticipating more sisters. At first we were bummed that our room was smaller, had lower ceilings, and 2 desks instead of 4, but we came to terms with it pretty quickly. Now we are so ecstatic our room is small because it means we don't have to cram 6 people into a room with only 4 closets. We each get to keep a closet to ourselves :)

I hope everyone is doing well!! Only a couple more weeks and I'll know where my next destination is whether it's Brasil or somewhere in the states!

Sister Kerr 

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