Monday, March 4, 2013

Only 2 Weeks?!


These have been the slowest 2 weeks of life. Not necessarily in a bad way, but they have dragged on a little. Everyone in the mission says that days and weeks trade places...Days feel like weeks and weeks feel like days. Well for me right now days feel like weeks and weeks feel like weeks. The MTC flew by but I looked at a calendar yesterday and was shocked that I've only been out for 2 weeks. Maybe it's just cause it's an adjustment period.

As of now we aren't going to be moving apartments. We are getting it fumigated on March 14 and will see from there. We spent Friday doing service for some of our investigators. They are moving so we helped them load and unload a U-Haul truck which was hard work, but it was fun. 6 of the elders from our zone came and helped out and it was nice to get to know them a little better. I think everyone kind of thinks I don't consider this "my mission" because it's not where I was assigned. But for now it is my mission and I want to get to know everybody the same way I want to in Brasilia. It was a lot of fun to do work and kinda forget about everything else. The elders are super nice, but I still miss my MTC elders! I wonder how they're doing in Portugal.

So I don't know if I said this before but the ward I serve in is comprised mainly of elderly people, like very elderly people. It was interesting because yesterday for fast and testimony meeting they had two young men walk around with microphones for people to bear their testimony because they can't make it up to the podium. How weird! I've never seen that done before.
I know there are a million things I'm forgetting. I'll be better about making a list throughout the week of things I want to include. We had new missionary training on Tuesday which was awesome. I loved it. This Saturday from 1 pm - 3 pm, President Hall is letting us Brazil waiters get together with Elder De Lima (who's from Sao Paulo) to practice Portuguese. I am so looking forward to that!!
Hope everyone is doing well! Thank you for the continued love and support I get. Every letter, email, package...everything lifts my spirits and brightens my day. I appreciate everything you do for me! Love you all.

Sister Kerr

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