Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!


Sister Ryan and I were talking a couple days ago and we cannot believe it's almost Valentine's Day!! Time flies. We've been here since before Christmas and now it's almost Valentine's Day??

So, I'm still sick but now it's just an annoying cough I can't seem to shake. Reassignments for the elders that left this week: Reno, Cleveland, Fresno, San Diego, and Utica, NY. Our district gets our reassignments in TWO days...woo hoo! As much as I want to be in Brazil I'm super excited to get reassigned. Any guesses on where I'm going? I told Sister Ryan we're going to Chicago, IL. I have my moments where I wonder why I still haven't received my visa, but then I decide my pity party has lasted long enough and I just remember wherever I go is where I'm meant to be. The elders in our district who are called to Portugal got their flight plans last Friday. It made it feel so real that we are actually leaving soon! They leave Monday morning so we all get another p-day on Saturday to start packing, go to the temple, etc. which means I won't have p-day next Tuesday. I am going to miss them SO much!

The demonstration Sister Ryan and I did last week was hard! The "investigators" were super difficult. One of the guys almost didn't even let us in the door. We had no idea how each investigator was going to be so we were shocked. Guess it's a taste of the "real world." Honestly, I am so grateful for Sister Ryan. At least once a day (normally more) we turn to each other and ask, "Have I ever told you I'm so glad you're my companion? Because I am." Leaving her is going to be difficult. I hope we are reassigned to the same place! Fingers crossed.

Our district is hosting again this week on Wednesday, but thankfully our branch isn't getting a new district so that frees up my Wednesday and Thursday nights. Irmao Williams asked me to tutor a sister in the branch who is struggling with the language so I started doing that on Sunday. It's only for 30 minutes a day and it will only be for a week, but I hope it helps.
It's been snowing for the past few days. The MTC is still more and more crowded each week, but life is good. :) I hope everyone is doing well! Can't wait to tell you where I'm reassigned!

Sister Kerr

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