Saturday, February 16, 2013

California here I come ...

....right back where I started from!

Yes, yes, I received my reassignment this week and will be heading to the beautiful California San Fernando mission! I'd be lying if I said the first words out of my mouth weren't "The one state I didn't want!" But then I was happy to go wherever I'm meant to be. The only reason I didn't want to serve in California is because it's where I've lived almost my whole life and I wanted to live somewhere new. My mission goes from around the Calabasas area through Central California with cities like Lancaster, Bishop, Mt Whitney and all the way up to Mammoth. A good portion of the mission borders Nevada.

It's a sad day because Sister Ryan is going to the Washington Spokane mission! It's funny because out of the three companionships in our district who were reassigned we are the only companionship who was split up and we are the only one that wanted to stay together. Elders Stahura and Shepard are going to Spokane and Sisters Hammon and Johnson are heading to San Fernando with me. Other reassignments for the week were: SLC (the elder grew up there), Provo (he left this morning), Philadelphia (so close, Annalisa, so close!), and then the other district who was supposed to leave was pushed back a week and will get reassignments next week.

Thursday was a pretty big day for me for many reasons....
- Finished the Book of Mormon for the second time since being in the MTC
- In-Field Orientation all day
- It's the day Arizona became a state (so Sister Hunt claims; I have yet to verify this fact, but she was celebrating so I played along with her)
- Valentine's Day...obviously
- Got my official reassignment

Unfortunately, we didn't get our flight plans until yesterday so we had no idea how to start allocating our time. Thursday night before we went to bed I told Sister Ryan I had a feeling we were going to leave early Monday morning. Our original date to leave the MTC was Tuesday, but I just knew. Sure enough we went to get our travel plans our date to leave is 4 am. Well I leave at 4 am and she leaves at 5 am. So we spent yesterday and much of today packing and trying to take care of everything.
Yesterday was our last day with our was hard to say goodbye! It'll be even harder leaving the elders in our district. It's crazy that by the time they get to Portugal all of the reassigned missionaries from our district will have been in the field for 2 whole days already. Weird! I'm freaking out about teaching in English...I'd rather speak Portuguese!! I'm going to miss speaking so much Portuguese everyday...I love it!
Ok, well I gotta wrap this up. My bags aren't gonna pack themselves. Here's my new mission home address:

Sister Tarah Kerr

Love you all! Tchau!
Sister Kerr

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