Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year! It doesn't feel like the new year here, the same way it didn't feel like Christmas but that's okay. Emailing with the family last week was the best part of my Christmas!! It meant a lot to me :) We had Elder Russell M. Nelson come speak to us last week on Christmas day which was cool, and then we had a fireside with Greg Olsen that night which was awesome! Elder Nelson's talk was more focused on missionary rules and staying obedient; Brother Olsen's was about the Savior and he showed some of his paintings and gave some insight on them. It was so great. It snowed a ton last week!! And it's snowing again today. It was 10 degrees on Saturday morning...10!!! And I have to walk around in a skirt in that kinda weather! It's definitely been an adjustment.

The days all kind of blur together. I can't remember which day I studied what...it's all one big memory of learning, eating, and sleeping. My district is still the best...we're so lucky to have the elders that we do. Thank you to everybody for sending mail, packages, dearelders!! The other day Elder Cunningham got 4 letters from his family and said, "Now I know what you feel like everyday, Sister Kerr." haha. I really do appreciate all the mail and hearing from everyone! It's nice to stay in the loop about what's going on back home. I know my responses are short and don't answer really any of the questions you ask me but know I'm doing my best to respond with the time I have! Plus, MTC life is pretty standard. My schedule won't change for the next 7 weeks until I leave. To answer one question I've received, Sister Ryan is from Idaho Falls, Idaho. She's 22 and was helping in a preschool classroom before coming on her mission.
Portuguese is still going great! I've memorized the Missionary Purpose, James 1:5, the First Vision, and the baptismal prayer in Portuguese (not that I'll ever have to say the baptismal prayer, but we are supposed to know it). What's funny is, I don't even know the First Vision in English haha. My teacher Irmao Williams is awesome, but so is our other teacher Irmao Buttars. He was the member who played the role of the investigator, Marcelo, last week. He's an RM and served in Brazil. He brings the spirit when he teaches like nobody else! He is honestly the best teacher I've had.
Where does the time go?? I have to go but I miss you and love you all!! Tchau!

Sister Kerr

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