Tuesday, January 8, 2013



It's Tuesday which means it's my P-day! I have trouble falling asleep on Monday nights because I am so excited to check my email the next morning!! There is a lot to say so I'll type as quickly as I can. This morning Sister Ryan and I went to the temple which was really nice. It was closed the last two Tuesdays for holidays but now we will get to go every week.

Every Wednesday we get new missionaries at the MTC and last week there were a ton! Tomorrow we're expecting even more. So far Sis Ryan and I have lucked out and still have a room to ourselves, but we doubt we'll be so lucky this week. Our branch is getting 5 new sisters and losing 1. Sis Christensen got her visa to Brazil so she left this morning. Maybe visas will start rolling in now! Last Wednesday morning it was -2 degrees...yes, there is a negative sign in front of that 2!! The elders think they're cold but they don't know what it feels like to have to wear a skirt in that kind of weather! Surprisingly I'm not as cold as I thought I would be. I wear less clothing in -2 degree weather in Utah than I did in 45 degree weather in Cali. Funny how that works.

The MTC has switched over to a 6 week language program so the sisters that come in tomorrow for our branch will leave the same week I do. Oh, and starting next week our sacrament will start at 7:30 am. That's early!

Some of you might have heard about the stomach flu epidemic that was going around the MTC. Apparently it made the news because Aunt Shauna, Grandma Kerr, and Aunt Terel all wrote me letters asking about it. Thankfully nobody in my district was affected, but from what I heard it was pretty rough for those who did get sick. We have been under a no hand shake policy for a little over a week now because of it.  I'm a little sick today but just with a runny nose and sore throat.

It's amazing how tired I get from sitting all day! There's never enough time in a day to do everything I have planned. This past Friday we started going to TRC (Training Resource Center) which is where we go in and teach people for about 20 minutes. They are normally RMs who speak our mission language. Even though Sis Ryan and I were super nervous we loved it! It's a great experience and it really makes us trust that we know the language well enough to communicate some sort of message.
I know I have a million more things to say but time is limited. Hope everyone is doing well! Love and miss you!

Sister Kerr

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  1. Lucky you guys. My companions and I were thorwing up all day. :)