Monday, March 3, 2014

Carnaval 2014!

Dear family & friends,

Feliz Carnaval! We ended up not going down to Brasília because we would have had to take a bus back tomorrow night, the actual night of Carnaval, so President decided that wouldn´t be such a great idea. Palmas is pretty uneventful in terms of Carnaval celebrations but we still have had to be home early these nights. 

So this past week was pretty great! We went on exchanges with the Miracema sisters from Tuesday to Wednesday and then with the Palmas 1 sisters from Wednesday to Thursday. I got to be companions with Sister Jackson again for 1 more day :) It felt like we were back in Ceilândia together haha. Between last week and this week, I have watched the Restoration film three times during lessons and am amazed by how I never get tired of it. Every time I watch it I am able to pull something new out of the story and feel the Spirit testify of its truthfulness. If you haven´t watched it in a while, watch it!! If you have never seen it, watch it! 

I love being in Palmas 3 because we have the best ward ever! Every fast & testimony meeting the pulpit fills up as soon as the bishop opens the time for people to bear their testimony. I have never seen a ward that is so eager to bear their testimony! My goal when I get home to is be a member like the members here. They are willing to pick up our investigators for church, sit with them, mark family home evenings and they take such good care of us :) Yesterday we had a member go to pick up 2 of our investigators, who ended up not being able to go, and when he came to the church empty-handed we felt bad for having made him drive there. He told us he was happy to do it and he sincerely meant it. I love this ward!

On Saturday, Sister Timario and I had a really neat experience with a referral we received. Letícia is a friend of one of the members in the primary, Thaíz. We went to visit Letícia and her family and found out that her mom is deaf. We didn´t really teach a lesson because Letícia´s mom spent the whole time teaching us Portuguese sign language based on the Restoration pamphlet :) I learned how to say a few phrases like "The gospel blesses families and many people" and words like Jesus Christ, teachings, learn, mother, father, son, etc. It was so cool! We borrowed their sign language book until tomorrow so that we can study a little bit and be able to talk more with her when we go back. They weren´t able to go to church this week but said they will go next week. 

Other than that, I am loving the mission. I have been reading in Mosiah for my personal study and really loved the first few chapters like always. King Benjamin´s talk is one of my favorite parts in the Book of Mormon and then it goes on to talk about the people of Zeniff. The themes that stood out to me were about the Atonement, the importance of prophets, and how much they talk about the desires of their heart. Some people had a pride filled heart and others had a mighty change of heart. We should all ask ourselves from time to time what are the desires of our heart. 

Hope you are all happy and healthy! Have a great start to this month of March :)

Sister Kerr
Sister Jackson & I during the exchange

Sister Timario, Geovanna (the bishop´s daughter) and I at lunch yesterday

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