Monday, February 24, 2014

Happy March!

Dearest family and friends,

Oops, once again I didn´t leave enough time to send out a good email! Sorry about that. But summing up our week, it was really great. We had some super hard days, the kind of days that you wish never happened or that you could just forget about, but even in those moments we were able to find the positives. One thing Sister Timario and I have started doing when we want to complain is we make a list of five things we are grateful for in our lives. We start complaining and then the other one will say "Nope. Five them!" It has been a good way for us to realize what´s going right instead of focusing on what´s going  wrong. I love my companion :) 

This week we had a really hard lesson to learn but I am really grateful for what I learned. Regardless of what the internet may say about the church, the members who have fallen away from it and the people who don´t even know it but insisnt on talking about it, I know it is true. Even if it was some great big lie, I would continue living it because it brings happiness like nothing else can. The peace we feel is real. The joy we have is eternal. And the possibilites that can become realities because of the priesthood are priceless. We are here to invite others to come to know this truth for themselves. Some may reject it, others may accept it, but we are here for all to hear it. 

The next time I send an email it will already be March! This year is flying by. Carnaval starts this Friday and goes until Tuesday. I will be in Brasília for it. Maybe I will see something cool :) 

Have a great week! Hope you are all happy and healthy!

Sister Kerr

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