Monday, March 24, 2014

Março dos Milagres :)

Dearest family and friends,

The assistants titled this month "Março dos Milagres" and it truly has been and is continuing to be full of miracles! One of our investigators, Marçal, entered in the cartório to get married so he can be baptized!! For those who don´t know, here in Brasil in order to get married, the two people must go to the cartório (I guess it´d be like city hall?), enter their names that they are going to get married, and then wait 30-40 days before they can actually be married. Most people consider themselves married when they move in together and don´t want to pay the price (literally) to get married legally. Marçal and his wife, Das Neves, went last week and will be getting married on April 23rd!! :) He said if it weren´t for us teaching us the law of chastity he never would have legally married her, but he doesn´t want to break a commandment. Das Neves had tried to get married before but he always said no; she is super excited waiting for April 23rd but says Marçal has to ask her in a cute way before the actual marriage haha. 

Zone conference last week was a such a tender mercy from the Lord. I loved the training the assistants gave and the words President Gaertner spoke. It was everything I needed to hear and more! The assistants gave training based on 1 Nephi 3 when Nephi and his brothers return to get the plates from Laban. Their first two attempts could have been considered a waste because they didn´t accomplish their goal. Laban tried to kill them which would definitely be reason enough to desist after the first attempt. But Nephi understood that the purpose wasn´t to just get the plates, he knew that the Lord had a bigger purpose and he was not willing to give up until he fulfilled what he came to do. He made a game plan to get their gold and silver and then tried it out. Failed again. But then the Lord put him in a situation that made it possible for him to accomplish the Lord´s commandment. Who´s to say Laban wasn´t in the state he was in because he had been celebrating the loot he had just taken? We need to do our part and the Lord will do His. No attempt is ever wasted if we are following the Spirit.

Elder Tripode said a quote from President Monson that I really liked that says, "We can´t direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails." Our life perspective has a lot to do with our attitude. All of us have had challenges that we didn´t expect or circumstances that we felt were undeserved. Take those moments to adjust our sails so that we can continue to move forward and progress.

Transfers are coming up next week and I am nervous like always!! In two days I will complete 1 year in Brasil :)

Hope you are all happy and healthy!! 

Sister Kerr

PS I havent been sending pictures because I got a virus on my pendrive last week and have been nervous to put it in the computer again.

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