Monday, March 31, 2014

5 more weeks in Palmas 3

Dearest family & friends,

Transfers have come and gone but I stayed right where I am in Palmas 3. Honestly I was hoping for one more here. This ward is so great, staying two would be a tease!! There is a good chance I finish my mission here in this area, but there is a good chance I leave for my last transfer. Kind of hard to have two good chances, right? But as of now it could go either way. Before I start thinking about the next transfer, let me tell you how this last one ended. 

There were so many amazing things that happened but I will try to be brief this week. On Saturday we had two baptisms - Lorena and Karol; yes, the same Karol that showed up at church two weeks ago. Turns out she had already taken the missionary lessons a few months ago with elders in Araguaína which is actually part of a different mission. She did the baptismal interview with them and everything but said she never really felt truly prepared so she didn´t get baptized. In our second lesson with her like two weeks ago we just asked how she met the missionaries and she opened up. By the end of her talking she said, "I don´t think that was my time to baptized but I think it´s my time now." Their baptism was really special because it was both of them entering the young women´s - Lorena is 13 and Karol is 17. They were baptized and then immediately after had New Beginnings :) Yesterday they were confirmed, and as they stood there while bishop read their names as the newest members in the ward, I got a little teary-eyed. It was perfect. 
Elder Swallow, Elder Alves, Karol & Lorena. Elder Swallow baptized Karol and Elder Alves baptized Lorena.

It was the perfect ending to my two transfers with Sister Timario, Elder Alves and Elder Swallow. Being in the same ward we have been able to develop a true friendship. We always had each others´ backs and were there to support one another. Saturday night the transfer call came through and I was the only one who stayed. We were all shocked when we heard the news. All three of them went down to Brasília :( Sunday was a happy and sad day as the girls were confirmed and as the ward said goodbye to the missionaries.

My new companion will be here tomorrow. Her name is Sister Nunez. I am excited to see what this transfer brings. It will only be 5 weeks so I am sure it will fly by. Life is great. I have a ton more I could say but I will leave it at this.

Last picture of us four in the Palmas 3 chapel!!
Hope you are all happy and healthy!! Love you all lots. 

Sister Kerr

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