Monday, March 10, 2014

Happy :)

Dearest family and friends,

This past week was so great!! We had more investigators at church than we expected which is always a good thing. Sundays can really make or break the week. We only have 3 more Sundays this´s already half way over!!

Last Monday I learned how to make empadão de frango with one of the members. I dont remember if I mentioned it, but we live in a house behind one of the member´s house so we have a lot of contact with them. They make mini pizzas and empadões to sell and after 9 weeks of wanting to learn, I finally learned how to make the empadão! Dont worry, I am learning how to cook some Brazilian dishes to make when I come home :) 
The beginning of the cooking process

The final product :)

On Tuesday we weren´t in Brasília for the mission council but we did get to listen to it through Skype. It wasn´t the same thing as being there, but I loved the assistants´ training that talked about the importance of reading, pondering and praying about the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon. The Intro of the Book of Mormon invites everybody to read, ponder and pray to know if the book is true. Regardless of how many years we have been in the church, we should apply this same invite to us. It´s good to read the scriptures, it´s better to read and apply what you read in your life. As we ponder about the message we have read, we will have more light and understanding come to our mind. 

In Lehi´s dream, only those who were holding fast to the iron rod made it to the tree of life. The scriptures are this iron rod for us. If we let go of them or let ourselves lose focus, we run the risk of getting lost before we reach our destination. Make it a goal to read daily from the scriptures so that each day you can redirect your path and stay on course.

This past week I finished the book of Mosiah which ends by talking about the sons of Mosiah and Alma the younger. I love their story because it shows how much the gospel can change our lives. We don´t know who can be the next great missionary or who will come to accept the gospel in its fulness after years of working against the church. This is a story of redemption and repentance, an example of love and mercy. 

For those of you who aren´t so active in missionary work...get involved!! Having members´ help makes THE biggest difference. Pray to have more missionary opportunities in your life. The Lord will help you contribute in your own special way.

Hope you are all happy and healthy! Love you lots!

Sister Kerr
Family home evening we had last night with three of the most amazing families ever!

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