Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 1- Guará 1

Querida família,

Bom dia! So week 1 in Guará I was pretty good. It´s kind of nice because I already have an idea of where everything is having had to come here to take out money from the bank every two weeks and having spent a day here with the elders. The city is pretty small so it´s easy to walk everyday. Even if our appointments don´t work out as effectively as we would like, it doesn´t take too much effort to go there and then head in another direction afterwards. The worst part about the city is that it´s more expensive than Guará II! I don´t know how that´s possible because they are practically the same city, but things are definitely more expensive. 

Church yesterday was good. The ward is really great and willing to help out which will be nice. I ran into all of the members from Guará II during church which made me happy :) They were all kidding around that I abandoned them haha. The funniest part was when primary got out. All the kids came running up to me yelling "Sister Kerr! Sister Kerr!" and gave me hugs. Seriously, I don´t think I ever heard one kid say my name when I was actually part of the ward haha. All of a sudden they remember my name and I became their best friend! 

Sister P. Gonçalves and I have already seen some miracles. A recent convert named Delmar has been trying for a couple of months to get his wife to talk with the missionaries but she hasn´t been interested. We managed to meet her on Saturday and spent 2 hours talking with them just getting to know them and whatnot. She is super awesome! Elder Sowards, who was the elder here and is now our district leader, was really happy when we told him. We also have a family home evening marked with another investigator, Raimunda, who wasn´t too fond of the elders haha. 

I feel like a new person in Guará I. I had a hard time breaking out of my shell in Guará II because it was my first area. I have a clean slate here and am starting out on a good foot :) 

Oh yeah, I think the absolute worst thing about Guará I is the fact that my apartment is next to a gym. Every morning and night I have to look out my window and see people working out. I am so jealous!! And they play a lot of American music so it has kind of been distracting my studies because I start singing along without realizing haha.

Anyway, sorry for writing a novel! Hope everyone is doing well!!


Sister Kerr

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