Monday, July 15, 2013

7 Months!

Hi family!

Sorry my email is a little late this week. We had a zone activity this morning and didn´t get back to Guará II until 3 pm. Anyway, this week I am going to have 7 months in the mission. Can you believe it?! Yesterday was Sister Muniz´s 4 month mark. 

This past week was really great. I went on exchange with Sister Moraes in Lago Norte which means I got to see Sister Munger because she is serving there, too, and I got to work out in the fitness center! Woo hoo!! I woke up at 5:45am to be in the gym at 6am when it opened. It felt so good to work out! The time with Sister Moraes was helpful and I learned a lot with her. At night, Sister Munger, Sister Carlomagno and I made s´mores :) 

Yesterday, I gave my first talk in a sacrament meeting here in Brasil. It was about missionary work (go figure) and it was supposed to be 7-10 minutes. When I got the assignment last week I thought, "How am I going to manage to talk for even 7 minutes in Portuguese?" But I ended up having a ton more to say than I thought I would. I talked for 10 minutes and everything went well. The first minute I was nervous but after that I felt comfortable.

Everyone in Guará II jokes that I am a member in the ward now because I have been there so long haha. We have transfers next week so we´ll see what happens. This also means my email will probably be a little later in the day. I think I will be transferred but who knows. Last transfer I really wanted to be transferred but this transfer I would be ok staying here one more. At the end of the day I know it doesn´t matter what I want haha. I´ll go wherever I am needed. I am going to take advantage of this last week with Sister Muniz!! She has been my favorite companion in Brasil thus far. She has helped me a ton! This transfer has, by far, been my favorite here. 

I´ve included some pics. Hope everyone is doing well!! I love you all very much!! Make sure you are always nice to foreigners because it´s kind of frustrating when people don´t even make an effort to understand what I am saying. Brasilians always tell me that Americans don´t make an effort to understand them when they go to the US. Try to have patience with people who are learning English! Help them :) 

Love you all!!

Sister Kerr

Our district
Sister Muniz, Me, Sister Moraes and Sister Tsukuda
The six Americans in our zone

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