Monday, July 22, 2013

New Area!

Oi family! Tudo bem?

So I finally have a new area: Guará I. Yes, that name is almost the same as my old area. Even though Guará I has had elders for a good amount of time it opened up to sisters again haha. I wanted to go super far like Formosa or Tocantins but I literally live 10 minutes by bus from my old house. I will still have church in the same chapel every Sunday! My new companion is Sister P. Gonçalves; she was in Aguas Claras. I had high hopes that I would go to Lago Norte and be companions with Sister Munger but I am looking forward to be companions with Sister P. Gonçalves (there is a Sister Gonçalves already which is why she has her initial P as part of her name). She is from Rio Grande do Sul.

I am very, very thankful for the transfer that I had with Sister Muniz. We both learned so much together and my testimony was strengthened everyday. Even though I have 7 months in the mission, I think I am finally starting to actually become a missionary. I didn´t love the mission until last transfer. It was definitely a pivotal transfer for me. 

I was bummed to leave Guará II because we finally have 3 baptismal dates marked. We went the whole transfer without any and now we have 3 and I was transferred! haha. I guess that´s how life works. Something funny from last week happened with our investigator, Ely. On Monday night we ate dinner in his house after the lesson. After dinner I started to wash the dishes like I always do. He was shocked that an American was washing dishes in his house haha. On Saturday we went there but it was his nephew´s birthday so there were a ton of people. He kept telling everybody, "This is the American who washed dishes in my house! I had the privilege of having an American wash dishes here" haha. 

I have a ton of other things to tell but I don´t want to write a novel. I think I am officially serving in the Mission Brasil Brasília Guara. But we will see what the transfer brings :)

Love you all and hope you´re doing well!!

Sister Kerr
My new companion 

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