Monday, July 8, 2013

Festa Junina

Oi família!

This weekend I went to my first festa junina (technically festa julina because it took place in the month of July). It was a lot of fun!! It was a joint activity with Guará I and Guará II. We had a really good turn out. 

Sister Muniz and I also planned a ward activity last Wednesday night to help integrate the investigators and less actives. It was meant to be a super informal thing so that people will get the idea to start congregating on their own once a week. We ended up getting four referrals from the activity which was good. And the ward planned another one this Wednesday night 

Hope everybody enjoyed their July 4th! Sorry my emails have been so short. Love you!!

Sister Kerr

PS Last Monday when we got back to our house there was a fire across the street in the brush! Apparently a drunk person lit the dry brush on fire. There was a ton of smoke!

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