Monday, August 5, 2013

Guará I :)

Boa tarde!

So I am currently writing this email from the Brasilía National Library :) We came here to visit Plano Piloto as a district and decided to stop in quickly and send emails from here.
I love Guará I!! I loved Guará II, but honestly it took me a little while to figure out why I was there. Guará I is the complete opposite. I am so happy and I know why I am here. Sister Gonçalves and I have already seen so many miracles. I think Guará I needed to be opened to sisters again :)
Elder Sowards is a super fun district leader. He has little challenges and games that he has us play throughout the week to keep things interesting. I am really grateful for him. Next week we will have a zone activity so my email will probably come later in the day.
Life is great! I wanted to send some pictures this week but the library doesn´t have USB ports so I will have to wait until next week.
Hope everybody is doing well!! Miss you, love you!

Sister Kerr
PS This week I watched the movie 17 Miracles again. If you haven´t seen it, watch it! I love that movie.

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