Monday, May 6, 2013

Tudo bem

Querida familia,

Que saudades de vocês! For some reason I have been super homesick this week which is weird because we had a great week. I think when I have a good week I get even more homesick because I want to share every detail but it´s impossible. 

Things with Sister Damaceno have been going great. I have learned SO much Portuguese with her in this one week! She speaks English fluently which is nice because if we really can´t understand each other in one language we just revert to the other :) I know this transfer is going to be super productive in terms of getting the ward involved with the work. We already planned a ward activity for May 18 called Receita da Mãe. Everybody is going to bring a dish recipe they learned from their mom and the recipe and we are going to share Mother´s Day stories, have a competition, etc. The ward is super excited for it. 

Last week I had pancakes...real American pancakes! An investigator we met has a boyfriend who lived in the US for a few years so she makes him cook pancakes for her. When we got there she had frozen some to keep, but she was so excited to give pancakes to a real American haha. They were actually good. She kept saying "I´m going to tell my boyfriend that I gave pancakes to an American!" haha. 

From Saturday to Sunday we had a zone fast so everybody in the zone fasted for a list of names each district gave. It was amazing. Yesterday morning at church we had 7 investigators there. A family of four that we thought for sure wouldn´t show actually showed up! The husband wore a tie, the wife was in a dress..the whole deal. 

This week will be super busy but I´m looking forward to it. On Sunday I get to Skype with my family!!!! :)

Love you all! Have a great Mother´s day

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