Monday, April 29, 2013

4 Months!

Ola familia!

So this past week I completed 4 months on the mission. Only 14 more to go! haha. Last Monday after emailing, Sister Victorio, Sister Groneman, Sister Munger and I went to Plano which is downtown Brasilia and has all of the touristy places. When you Google ´Brasilia´ those places will probably show up. We went to the National Congress building and took a tour. Their government here seems to be pretty similar to ours. We also went to the Cathedral, Rodoviaria, and other places. I forgot to bring my memory card adapter today so I´ll have to send pics next Monday or the following Monday. There´s a slight chance I might have to go to the transfer meeting next Monday, either for me or Sister Victorio, so not sure if I´ll get a chance to email next week.

I went on an exchange last Wednesday to Thursday with Sister Tsukuda in Taguatinga Sul which is like 15 minutes away by Metro. She is so awesome!! People asked if we are twins because she´s half Japanese/half Brasilian. We look alike, I think. Again, I forgot my cord so I can´t send pics today but next week I will. Even though I was hesitant about the exchange I LOVED it. She was super nice and I got to ask her a ton of questions about Portuguese and Brasilian culture. It was great. Btw, I finally learned the word people use to describe my eyes..."olhos puxados" which literally means "pulled eyes" haha. 

Yesterday, Sister Victorio and I learned how to make brigadeiro and pao de queijo :) I am already planning the feast I am going to make for everyone when I get home. And I´m planning the buffet I would like waiting for me when I get home haha.

We have two new sisters staying with us for the week. Our little home was not made for 4 sisters! But, tudo bem. We had a zone activity this morning that was fun. I like my zone here. I´m sad transfers are next week. I don´t want anything to change. Guara II is great. I´m getting more comfortable with the language, but being the perfectionist I am I still worry if I´m conjugating the verb correctly, using the right tense, etc. Some day I will be fluent. 

Well, that´s a brief summary of the week. Hope everybody is doing well! Everyday I think to myself, "How did I get so lucky to have such great family and friends?" I am one of few missionaries who has the problem of..."Oh, no! I dont have enough to respond to everybody who wrote to me" It is a great problem to have :) Forgive me, I haven´t written letters in two weeks! I will get around to it in the next few weeks. 

Love you all VERY much.
Sister Kerr

Yesterday was quite a busy day. Jessika was baptized :) and we got phone calls about transfers. I stayed in Guara II! Sister Victorio was transferred. My new companion is named Sister Damaceno. She´s 21 and from Rio de Janeiro. I thought for sure I wouldn´t be senior companion yet, but I am. It will be a good learning experience. I keep telling myself that haha. 

Last week was busy. I had to go to the airport to take care of some visa stuff. I´m glad to say I´m officially allowed to stay in Brasil now. We didn´t get much work done because we kept having to leave the area. Not much to report this week. The baptism yesterday went well. Jessika´s parents, Antonio and Graca want to get married so they can be baptized. This transfer we´ll work with them. Antonio has changed SO much in the past month. It´s definitely a miracle. Here are some pics, as promised.
Sister Victorio, Sister Tanaka, Me and Sister Tsukuda

Zone activity last Monday

My last district - Elder Motta, Elder Tippets, Sister Victorio, Me, Elder Bell and Elder Spironeli

I promise she wanted to be baptized! Brasilians just don't like to smile. Haha

Random pic: Sister Muniz and I pretending to be elders

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