Monday, May 20, 2013

5 Months!

Oi familia,

Yesterday was 5 months in the mission!! Woo hoo! It seems like a lot more, but not. Next Sunday will be 2 months in Brasil. I cant believe it´s only been 2 months...I feel like I have lived my whole life here haha. Not in a bad way. 

Thursday we spent the whole day in Guara I with the elders because our district leader asked us to come help with some of their investigators. It was a day lost being able to work in Guara II but it was such a great day! We met two of their investigators - Carol and Delmar - who I loved! I´m pretty sure Delmar taught us instead of us teaching him. He is amazing.

Saturday night we had our ward activity that we planned and it was a success! I made persimmon cookies and nobody believed it was a recipe from my mom. For some reason they were shocked we have persimmons in the states. Here persimmons are called caqui...I think cookies de caqui has a cuter ring to it :)  My only regret of the night is that I didn´t take any pictures because Sister Damaceno and I were busy serving food. Oh well. I think Irma Adila has some photos. 

We took it upon ourselves to serve the food because we wanted to make sure everybody would get a chance to try a little bit of everything. It worked out well because each of the plates lasted a good while instead of disappearing after the first 10 people. 

What made me super happy is Saturday night I had a dream that kinda related to this concept. In my dream I was talking about economics and the idea of the "tragedy of the commons," which is an econ principle that more or less goes along with this. I woke up happy yesterday morning because I realized I still remember econ! Hooray! haha. Despite being on my mission, I am still an econ nerd. 

Well, I hope everybody is having a great week! Love you

Sister Kerr

Our district - Sister Munger, Sister Mendoca, Sister Damaceno and I.
Elder Furphy (from AZ), Elder Sowards (from CO), Elder Motta (from Brasil), and Elder Brito (from Rio)

Sister Munger and I found our mini-me´s!
One of the investigators, Fabiana, who´s 10, drew this for me. Haha

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