Monday, June 10, 2013

Same Area, New Companion

Oi familia,

So today was transfers! I am staying in Guara II for one more. I´d be lying if I said wanted to stay, but I am at peace because I know everything has a purpose. Truthfully, when we got the call last night that Sister Damaceno and I would stay, I cried. And I cried again this morning realizing I would be here another 6 weeks. It´s not that I don´t love Guara II, because I truly do, it´s just that I need a change of scenery. Not to worry because my attitude totally changed when I heard who my companion would be!....Sister Muniz! She spent a week here during my first transfer (I sent a picture of us pretending to be dressed as elders). I had been praying that if I stayed I could be companions with her or Sister Munger. She is awesome and I am super excited to work with her! :)

This past week was full of ups and downs. Downs that were so low I didn´t think there could be another up. It was a very long week. But the best part of the week was going on exchange with Sister Tsukuda again, only this time I was in Lago Norte. Sister Tsukuda was seriously an answer to my prayer. I needed a day break from the work here in Guara, and she is so great. Four sisters live there in Lago Norte so I actually spent part of the day with Sister Muniz and Sister Carlomagno.

The apartment for the sisters there is super fancy! They have a dryer for clothes, gas instead of electric for the water, and they have a fitness center!!! I woke up early on Friday and ran on the treadmill for 5 min, biked for 5 min, and then did hang cleans, front squats, bench press and some other exercises. It felt SO great to get a real work out. It was the first time working out actually made me sweat here in the mission. I was happy :) If I lived there I definitely wouldn´t be as fat as I am now. Sister Munger is there with Sister Carlomagno now. We both got lucky with our new companions.

I am on my third transfer in the field here in Brasil (four if you include my transfer in CA) and I am with my third companion here, too. Life is good. I am really looking forward to this transfer with Sister Muniz, who is carioca too. Today at the transfer meeting I saw Elder Lant and Elder Anderson who I met in the Provo MTC. I was happy to see them.

Hope you are all doing well!! Love you

Sister Kerr

Sister Tsukuda and I (a lot of people ask if we´re sisters)

Sister Muniz and I :)

I got an email today from an elder from the San Fernando mission. One day I made a contact at our apartment building in North Hollywood with Nicolas, an older guy who lived there and only spoke Spanish. I used my Portuguese-Spanish to talk to him a little bit everyday and eventually handed him over to the Spanish elders. Elder Guevara sent me a picture today from Nicolas´ baptism :) Maybe that´s why I spent a transfer there in North Hollywood. 

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