Monday, June 24, 2013

Crazy Week


So for anybody who has been watching the news, I imagine they have been showing the protests that are going on in Brasil. All I will say is Guará II is super calm and nothing is happening here. We live about 30 minutes from Brasília where everything is going on. President Gaertner is taking good care of all the missionaries and we are taking all the precautions necessary to stay safe :) 
This past week was busy, busy, busy. Brasil had two soccer games because of the Confederations Cup which made it really difficult to find anybody home. Seriously, the whole city shuts down during the game. The grocery store closes for like 4 hours because of the game; almost everything closes and then re-opens later. Or sometimes it closes and then just stays closed the rest of the day haha. Honestly the week was really rough in terms of lessons and people we taught, but this week will be better. 

On Thursday we had zone conference in Asa Norte. I loved zone conference!! Everything Sister Gaertner, President Souza (Sister Gaertner´s dad who was a mission president before), President Gaertner, and the zone leaders said was exactly what I needed to hear. It was a tender mercy for sure. One of the things the zone leaders said that I really like is, "When you get home from your mission be able to say ´I was a missionary` instead of `I went on a mission` because almost everybody goes on a mission but not everybody actually becomes a missionary." This is something I am still developing.

Last night we got to watch the broadcast from Provo about the changes in missionary work. It will be super delayed for the changes to reach Brasil, but I loved the video segments they showed during the broadcast. I never realized what a blessing it is to speak English. I started the watching the broadcast in Portuguese, because I didn´t know they had English showing in another room, and it was sad because I didn´t get to hear the voices of the apostles for that short time. But then I discovered they had English and I went there haha. It made me realize what a privilege it is to hear not only the words of the prophet and apostles but to hear their voices as well. Listening to the Portuguese translator didn´t have the same feeling for me. 

Anyway, I think that´s all I will write for this week! Hop you´re all doing great!


Sister Kerr
PS I am still LOVING Sister Muniz. She is crazy haha.

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