Dearest family & friends,
What a busy day!! Well actually this busy day started last night at the rodoviária (bus station) in Palmas. Yes, sadly, I was transferred :( I was hoping to finish my mission in Palmas but I was at peace when I heard I was being transferred. I love that area, that ward, my companion, and everything I learned there, but at the same time I felt like a new sister needed to come in to help the investigators with new ideas. I am super happy because Sister Munger will be going to Palmas 3! :) She is so awesome, I know she will make a big difference.

So, yes. Last night all of us that were being transferred down to Brasília (eight in total) got on the bus at 7:30pm and spent the night traveling. We got into the Rodoviária Nova in Guará I at 9am, dropped our bags off with the mission driver and then had to catch the metro and a bus to get to the transfer meeting. When we arrived they had just started announcing the transfers. I am currently in my new and last area in the mission - Formosa, Goiás. I didn´t think President would send me so far for my last transfer but here I am. The only state I won´t get to pass in the mission is Minas Gerais, but three out of four isn´t bad. (Three states I passed through - Distrito Federal, Tocantins, and Goiás). I don´t know who my companion is because she will be coming in tomorrow afternoon. It was an hour a half busride to get here and tomorrow morning we will have to go back to Brasília and then I will come back to Formosa tomorrow night with my companion. Talk about a lot of traveling these days! Not to mention, Sister Nuñez and I went to Gurupi last Friday which was a four hour busride there and a four hour busride back to Palmas on Saturday morning.

Aside from all the traveling, my last week in Palmas was really great. I love that place. We had our activity on Thursday night and played the game Ninja. Yesterday Rômulo went to church! He is an elect we found two weeks ago. We visited him Saturday morning as soon as we got back from Gurupi to follow up with the reading we left for him. He said he read and liked it. He got really quiet and asked if we wanted to know what happened to him on Friday. He then told us after he took out his money from the bank two guys came up to him with a knife and robbed him. He had taken out his whole salary for the month and they took everything. Sister Nuñez and I stood there without knowing what to say but I kept feeling like I should ask him what he did when he got home after being robbed. I decided that wouldn´t be a very productive question and shrugged it off. Finally, I couldn´t shake the feeling that I should ask him so I did. He said he was really shaken up after what had happened and he needed to calm down. He saw the Book of Mormon there and that was when he grabbed it to read. He said it helped him and he was able to calm down because it brought peace to him. Instead of him thinking that the assault was a sign that he should stop meeting with us (which a lot of people would have done), he used it as an opportunity to look even more diligently for an answer. Rômulo said he liked church yesterday and wants to keep preparing to be baptized :) Hooray for great people like him!

Anyway, I have written a novel. Just a few sidenotes. You know Palmas is hot when I got to Brasília this morning and thought, "Ohh, it´s kind of chilly out. I should put on a cardigan." I then passed by this screen that had the temperature - 25 C which is like 77 F haha. Who would´ve thought I would find 77 degrees to be really crisp and chilly. In Gurupi on Friday night we watched a video from the church site as part of a ward activity the sisters put on. This video is perfect!! You might have already seen it but even if you have, watch it again!!

Hope you are all happy & healthy! Have a great week :) Happy Mother´s Day on Sunday!!

Sister Kerr

Our district last transfer - such a random pic! Haha

Picture after the ninja activity :)

All of the missionaries at Rodoviária last night