Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Easter

Dearest family & friends,

Guess where I am today....Guará II! It´s been 9 months since I was serving in this area. Time flies on the mission! Sister Nuñez and I came down to Brasília today but instead of staying in Lago Norte like usual we are here in Guará II. It is weird coming back to an area after so long but at the same time it feels like I never left. The best part of being here? I will be staying with Sister Timario tonight because this is her new area. Hooray! A lot of things have changed since I served here. 

This past week was really busy but at the same time felt kind of empty like we had nothing to do. It´s hard to describe. I will sum up the weekly quickly.

Monday night we had an FHE and Karol gave the message. There were 30 people at the FHE because there is a group of families that get together every week to have FHE and they switch whose house it is at. Karol gave the message about repentance. The doctrine she taught, the experiences she shared and the testimony she bore made it seem like she has at least 8 years as a member instead of the 8 days she had since her confirmation. It was a very spiritual message that helped me a lot. She didn´t only talk about repentance in terms of us needing to repent to feel the relief and forgiveness that comes from it. She said we cannot deny that privilege to somebody else when they ask for our forgiveness. All of us at one time or another have said we forgive somebody without having really meant it. When we do this, we prevent them from feeling the happiness and relief that comes from taking such a hard step. Her message was super great and goes into a lot more depth than I explained here.
Wednesday we went to Miracema to go on exchanges with the sisters there. We took the ferry over to Tocantínia which is an Indian village that´s part of their area. They have real indigenous people that live there and speak another language. It was cool. Thursday night we had activity night in the chapel after seminary and it was a success! We are going to plan it as a fellowshipping night every week :) 
Activity night on Thursday :)
Yesterday in church, Elder Tripode, Elder Asenjo, Sister Nuñez and I sang in sacrament meeting with the two girls in the ward who have their mission calls. The first song we sang was "I Lived in Heaven" and the second was "When I am Baptized." We sang the first verse of I Lived in Heaven in Spanish, the second in English and the last in Portuguese. It turned out nicely :) 
Sister Nuñez, Elder Tripode and Elder Asenjo

Well that´s a quick summary of my week. Hope you are all happy & healthy and have a happy Easter!!

Sister Kerr
On the ferry with Sister Bojorquez

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