Monday, January 20, 2014

Sooo tired but happy

Dear family,

I don´t know why, but this last week I was dying. My feet were killing me and I felt like my body was shutting down. Oh the joys of missionary work! The best part is that even though Sister Timario and I were both dying we had the biggest smiles on our faces and were laughing pretty much the whole week. I never thought I could be in so much physical pain yet be so happy and whole in every other aspect. Just to tell a little bit more about Sister Timario, she is from Northern California (the first and only time in the mission we have been able to respond to the question "Where are you both from?" with the answer "We´re from California") and she will be going home in May. We have a feeling we will be companions until she goes home, but we´ll see.

I made a huge list of things to say but didn´t leave much time to write. So let me sum up the week quickly. Loved mission council last week. We have the best elders and sisters in this mission! It is so great to see how much they truly care about each one of the missionaries and how we can all become better missionaries and make the most of this precious time. Yesterday I completed 1 year and 1 month in the mission. Sister P. Gonçalves and Sister Bojorquez are here with us for the day and tomorrow we will be going to Miracema to go on exchanges with them and get to know their area.

Life is good. It rains a TON here and then gets super hot. I have learned so much in my personal study and realize I should be better about writing gospel related things instead of just the superficial stuff about the mission. I will be better about this next email!

Hope you are all happy and healthy! Have a great week :)
Sister Kerr

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