Monday, January 13, 2014

Back in DF!

Hi family,
So this past week was kind of crazy because I didn´t end up going to Palmas until Wednesday night because Sister Jackson had to stay in DF and take care of some visa stuff so I stayed with her. We left Wednesday night after waiting at the bus station for over 5 hours and then got in to Palmas on Thursday morning. Believe it or not I am already back in DF because we will have Mission Counciltomorrow morning. So I can´t make too many comments about my new area because I don´t know it that well! haha. From what I have seen, I can see why so many missionaries want to go there. The ward is super willing to help us out! Our ward has two sets of missionaries, one of elders and one of sisters. The two elders with us are Elder Alves & Elder Swallow, they are also the zone leaders so we came down to DF with them last night/this morning. We will be going back to Palmas tomorrow night and get inWednesday morning. It is normally a 12 hour trip but for some reason it took us 14 hours from last night til this morning to get here. Oh and Palmas is also 1 hour behind DF because they don´t do daylight savings time there. So within one week I will have traveled almost 40 hours by bus and changed time zones three times. Surprisingly I am not that exhausted :)

I am nervous for mission council tomorrow because Elder Alves and Elder Swallow told us normally when it is somebody´s first time at the council President will call on them a lot to answer questions, make comments, or do role plays! I have a hope they were kidding but for now I am nervous haha. I know I am forgetting to mention a lot of things, but I am pressed for time. 

I hope everybody is happy and healthy!!

Sister Kerr

Our last Sunday in Ceilândia

View of DF as we left for Palmas - I love the sky!!

Elder Alves, Elder Swallow, Sister Timario and I this morning at the bus station when we got in

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