Monday, April 8, 2013

Conferência Geral :)


This past week has been very busy. I got to spend some time with my zone last Tuesday for Zone Training Meeting and I really like all of them. They are great! Our house is looking of the members came over to fix the wiring in our bathroom and put in a new light. The mission president also gave us a shower rod and curtain so it feels like a real bathroom!...kinda. haha. I still never know if I will have cold or lukewarm water when I shower. One time I was lucky enough to have warm water the whole time!

It rains like you would not believe!! Every day we have to carry our umbrellas with us and we use them almost everyday. On Thursday it started raining out of nowhere and we had to walk home in it. It was ankle deep water for 20 minutes in the streets. For maybe 5 minutes we were able to use a sidewalk and not have our feet be completely wet. I would have been just as drenched if I jumped in a pool. The wind was blowing so our umbrellas were kind of useless because the rain was coming in sideways. Friday rained a ton, too, and we were trudging through sopping wet fields and semi flooded streets.

General Conference was awesome! They had an English transmission for all of the American missionaries which was great. It felt so good to have fluid conversations in English with the missioanries haha. I love Sister Victorio, but somedays I just want 5 minutes to say something in English and have her understand. I definitely got my fill of English this weekend :) We even had two families come to the Sunday morning session to watch Conference! They liked it.

Life is good. It is a bit difficult to adjust all over again to a new mission. I already went through this in San Fernando! haha. Mas, tudo bem. I like the ward, the area, my district, etc. 
Hope all of you are doing well! Love you!

Sister Kerr

Flying into Brasilia

Me and Sister Victorio between conference sessions on Sunday

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