Monday, October 7, 2013

Great Weekend! :)

Dear family,

I hope all of you are doing well! General Conference on Saturday and Sunday definitely brightened my week and probably the rest of the year as well. Hopefully all of you had the chance to take advantage of all 4 sessions (or 5 with Relief Society or Priesthood sessions). Saturday was kind of a rollercoaster for me because our zone only has us two sisters and obviously Sister Bezerra was going to watch in Portuguese. I had nobody to watch in English with me but a member from a different ward, who has a mission call to Temple Square here in a couple of months, said she would watch with me because she speaks English pretty well. She got there late but we watched the second half of the first session in English and I watched the first half in Portuguese. I think during the first session she realized she didn´t know as much as she thought and wasn´t eager to watch with me in English the second session. In between the sessions we watched a rebroadcast of the RS session but they only had Portuguese. Taking notes was a little challenging because I wanted my Conference notes in English so I listened in Portuguese and then took notes in English. I was pretty proud of myself haha ;)

I watched the second session on Saturday half in English and the other half in Portuguese. Like I said before, it is such a blessing to hear the prophet´s and the apostles´ voices!! I told Sister Bezerra she has to learn English for the sole purpose of watching Conference in English someday. Iolita, one of our investigators, had said she would be at Conference for Elder Bay to follow up on the baptismal interview but she didn´t show up and wasn´t answering our phone calls. After the session we went to her house with the elders and found her at home. Elder Bay finished the interview and we planned her baptism for Sunday night.

Yesterday was an amazing day! One of the members from another ward, Gabi, has studied English for 4 years and said she was willing to watch with me in English. Not only was she willing but she was excited! I can´t even explain how grateful I was for her to be willing to watch. Conference only happens every six months and it´s not like I have a ton of time in the world to watch the talks online to catch up. I had the privilege of listening to all four hours yesterday in English :) 

In between the sessions we had to find a way to empty the baptismal font and fill it up again because for some reason the water was greenish. The drain wasn´t working and we tried everything to get it to drain. Finally, the elders managed to get it to drain and we filled it up again. The second time the water was only very slightly tinted some weird color haha. Iolita didn´t mind, she was excited to be baptized.

Because it was after Conference there were a ton of people there! The chapel was more than half full with everybody who stayed to watch the baptism. Everything went perfectly :) 

This morning we had a zone activity so we played soccer and then had a "talent show" which was really some of the elders improvising and doing the most random things. Of course while we were playing soccer it started to rain and then there was thunder and lightning so it was cut short.

Anyway, I have definitely written a novel. Next week is transfers! I am almost scared to write this, but I hope I stay one more in Taguatinga I. It has been a hard area for me but I think there is more work to be done here. 

Thank you thank you thank you for all of your sweet emails and birthday wishes! I can´t explain how much I miss each one of you but your emails and updates each week keep me motivated in the mission. Hope all of you are happy and healthy!

Sister Kerr
Victor (Iolita´s son), Iolita, Me, Cida (a member in the ward) and Sister Bezerra

Iolita and us outside of the church before the baptism :)

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